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Using a Storage Container vs. Using a Traditional Storage Facility

Customers often ask about portable storage units versus more traditional storage and why one might be a better choice than the other. The answer is always the same: Both have pros and cons and depend on the situation.

Here is a simple comparison of a traditional versus a portable storage unit.

Traditional Self Storage

This usually involves a lot or building with storage units that can be independently locked. Depending on the facility, there may be indoor, outdoor, and climate-controlled units. Usually, these types of storage locations have set access hours.

Virtually all traditional storage facilities have 24/7 strategically placed and monitored surveillance.


The following are the pros of a traditional unit:

  • More variety available to you
  • Competitive pricing
  • Climate control
  • Security
  • Ease of access


The following are the cons of a traditional unit:

  • Security can be bothersome
  • Many indoor storage units have set hours of operation
  • Depending on where in the facility your unit is located, getting to it might require walking quite a distance
  • If you need to expand, it can be challenging, and you may end up with units that are not near each other

Portable Self Storage Unit

A portable storage unit is usually a large metal box that is available for sale or rent. You select the size based on what you think you will need, and it is placed at a location of your choosing.


Here are the pros of a portable unit.

  • The best pro is that you can set your portable storage unit anywhere on your property you want, which makes access much easier
  • If you purchase the unit, you can customize the inside to meet your storage needs
  • If you rent, when you no longer need the unit, it is picked up and hauled away
  • Loading is easier because it is ground level
  • You control security


Here are the drawbacks of a portable unit:

  • Delivery fees
  • Municipal regulations for storage on your property can be restrictive
  • Not climate controlled unless you modify it significantly
  • You are responsible for security

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