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Ten Little Known Facts About Shipping-Containers

As the leading provider of storage containers for sale in NY, PA, and the surrounding areas, we’ve decided to share some essential trivia on these hugely popular pieces of storage and logistics equipment. Below, you’ll find ten little known facts about shipping containers, their global history, numbers, and longevity. 

The Numbers

There are over seventeen million shipping containers currently in circulation across the globe. Five million of these are classed as active, making roughly 200 million trips every single year.

The History

Malcolm McLean invented the very first metal shipping container in 1956, intending to replace the old ‘break-bulk’ container handling method.

The Geography

China manufactures roughly 97% of all shipping containers. This is because many of the world’s products are produced within China, and their labor rates and production costs are relatively low.

Lost at Sea

As many as 675 shipping containers go missing at sea every year

A Historical Fleet of Containers

It was estimated that there were over 530 million containers in circulation in 2010.

Shipping Liners

The shipping liner industry has paid out more than $236 billion in over a dozen countries purchasing new vessels that can carry vast amounts of shipping containers.


With regular inspections and essential maintenance, shipping containers can last for up to twenty years.

Staggering Figures

Almost 95% of the world’s cargo is transported by ship. Even though the costs can be high, it’s still a more viable option than shipping via plane in terms of cost-effective delivery of products.

Plenty of Room

A standard shipping container can carry around 3,500 shoe boxes, with 40ft containers able to hold over 8,000 of these items.

Shanghai Noon

The busiest shipping port in the world is based in Shanghai and currently handles over 33 million shipping containers per year.

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