Spiffy Storage: Cleaning the Inside of Your Shipping Container

If your containers are dirty or damaged in any way, the supplies inside the containers could be exposed to elements that could affect their usefulness. For this reason, proper maintenance of your cargo containers should be a priority. 

As providers of the best shipping containers for sale in NY and NJ and beyond, we can help you keep your storage container clean. Check out our tips for cleaning the inside of your shipping container:

Sweep, Sweep, Sweep

The best way to keep the inside of your shipping container clean is to sweep it regularly. Remove everything from the container, then sweep away all the dust and dirt. Pay special attention to the corners of the container to get rid of anything trapped there. Also, be sure to wear a dust mask the whole time you are cleaning the storage container.

Wash It Out

If you notice dirt, sticky substances, or bad smells inside the shipping container, you know it’s time for a deep clean. Sweeping is suitable for regular maintenance, but occasionally, you’ll need to spray the container down with a pressure washer.

Before washing the container, put on eye protection to ensure nothing sprays into your eyes while you work. Once you’re ready, grab the water pressure hose and start cleaning.

An alternative to washing with water is to blast the box with dry ice, which clears away any chemicals. However, these chemicals could interact with environmental elements and create hazardous substances. Be careful when considering this option.

Watch Out for Rust

Examine the inside and outside of your shipping containers for rust spots. If you see small areas of rust, you will want to remove the rust as soon as possible. Use a wire brush and white vinegar, then paint over the scrubbed spot.

Containers that were shipped overseas are likely to develop rust due to exposure to humidity and saltwater. Check these containers carefully to catch rust areas early. 

Take Care of Holes

If you missed rust and it formed into small holes, you’ll want to repair the damage right away. It could grow into larger holes if you leave it alone and let moisture and other elements into the container.

Once you see holes, you’ll need to weld (or glue with a heavy-duty sealant) a piece of steel over the hole. You can repaint the surface to restore its original appearance.

Keep Shipping Containers Clean

Shipping containers are only as good as their condition. If they are dirty, rusted, or full of holes, they make for poor storage containers. Protect your customer’s items and supplies by prioritizing cleaning your shipping containers.

If you’re looking for new or used shipping containers for sale in CT or nationwide, get in touch with our team at LGI Transport, LLC. We sell and rent clean and sturdy shipping and storage containers. Contact us today!