Renting vs. Buying Storage Containers: Which Is Right For Me?

When you need a storage container, you’re presented with two choices: buy it or rent it. Ultimately, whether you rent or buy depends on what you need to store and for how long. However, it’s a more complicated decision than you may initially consider.

You lose money paying for a storage container you don’t actively use, which is why renting makes sense for a wide variety of businesses. But if you have a consistent need for storage — and the ability to transport a container — you could save a considerable amount by making a purchase outright. Let’s take a look at factors to take into account:

Who Should Rent Storage Containers?

Retail Management

Store and general managers may need storage for only a few months out of the year — not long enough to justify purchasing their own unit. Additionally, they do not have free access to the sophisticated equipment to transport containers from site to site.

Mechanical Subcontractors

If you are a subcontractor, you most likely know that extra space is hard to come by — your warehouse may be filled with trucks, equipment, inventory, and other materials that shipped early. Available space on your property and in your facility is invaluable.

Who Should Buy Storage Containers?

General Contractors and Construction Companies

For sizable companies, buying storage containers is a wise financial investment. Project managers and construction professionals that oversee multiple jobs simultaneously always need to arrange for portable storage — and rather than making new arrangements every time, owning one can save on valuable resources. Plus, unlike smaller subcontractors, construction professionals have access to equipment to transport the container between sites conveniently.

On-Site Facility Management

While it may not be worth it for retail management to own, maintain, and transport their own shipping containers throughout the year for only a few months of use, individuals in agriculture, education, and beyond may benefit from an additional permanent fixture on their property. This includes farmers, school and campus administrators, healthcare facility managers, and other professionals who oversee on-site operations and require extra storage year-round.

Of course, the decision to buy or rent comes down to any company’s unique needs and considerations. For more information about our new and used shipping containers for sale or rent, contact LGI Transport today!