Practical Storage Container Accessories to Invest In

A storage container is a great purchase that offers a wide range of benefits. You have the flexibility to store a large number of items while keeping your products safe and secure during transit. You can also choose from a variety of shipping container accessories to increase safety and convenience.

Here are a few practical accessories to consider for your shipping container.

Bridge Fittings

High winds can easily move multi-unit container structures and cause significant damages. However, you can easily avoid this by using bridge fittings for multi-unit container structures. Always clamping these containers together with bridge fittings provides extra stability against high winds or seismic events.

Lock Box

Keeping a shipping container safe and secure is always a top priority. Purchasing a lockbox offers an additional level of security by making it impossible for someone to use bolt cutters on your cargo door lock. This small investment will give you peace of mind to know your items will remain much more secure in transit.

Specialized Lifting Jacks for Containers

Using specialized equipment to lift shipping containers is essential to your safety. Many companies make the mistake of using HI-LIFT jacks that aren’t designed to handle the significant load of a container. Purchasing a jack designed for shipping containers will make it much easier to move without jeoparding your safety.


One of the easiest ways to secure a shipping container is by using twist-locks. You will only need to bolt the ground plates into the foundation and line the corner castings of a container with the twist locks. Afterward, pull the levers on the twist locks to secure the container. Twist-locks also give you the flexibility to secure several containers stacked on top of each other.

Built-in Shelving

If you are going to be storing inventory or tools in your container, you can keep them organized with shelves. By attaching unistrut to the walls, the shelves will stay secure against the container and stay in place during any transit or relocation.

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