cardboard boxes on pallets in blue shipping container

Follow These Top Tips to Organize Your Storage Container

A portable storage container is a great way to get yourself organized, but like any storage unit, it is only as good as your system, organization, and habits. If you haphazardly throw things into your portable storage unit, it will very quickly become a colossal mess.

Here are a few tips from LGI Transport to keep you organized and get the most out of your storage unit.

Shelving System

There are dozens of shelving options; from stand-alone systems to shelving you affix to the storage unit wall to interlocking systems that let you vary the size of the shelves as well as shelf height and depth.

Work Table

Whether you invest in one or build one yourself, a worktable is a great way to keep things organized if you are storing work materials or tools in your unit. It also will let you complete smaller projects if you set it up for that.

Filing Cabinets

Filing cabinets can work in tandem with shelving systems and provide you with a compact, neat, secure, and solid method of storing paperwork and files.

Box Uniformity

While complete uniformity in size is almost impossible when putting together storage unit contents, keeping like boxes together and keeping them all the same size will help you stack and store them more organized.


There are two ways to label a box: Write on the side or top what is in the box or use a label maker and do the same. Regardless of what method you use, making sure that each box is labeled on top and the front panel with the identifying information you want to include is key to making it easier to track down materials when you need them.

Map It Out

Mapping out the placement of shelving, filing cabinets, and other storage articles when your unit is empty will make it easier to load up and keep organized. Coordinate this with a process for storage, and your system will be unbeatable.

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