Are Shipping Containers Strong?

Over 200 countries across the globe have ports open to container ships, making them a valuable asset to any company looking to import or export goods on a commercial scale. Here at LGI Transport, LLC, we have a variety of cargo storage containers for sale and do business with people from every corner of the USA.

The cargo containers that we supply are available in a range of sizes and can be used for storing and shipping large cargo such as vehicles, down to smaller items that help to declutter homes or offices. Many people ask us how durable shipping containers are; therefore, we’ve explained some details below.

Strong Materials

Shipping containers are usually made from COR-TEN or weathering steel. COR-TEN is the U.S. steel trademarked name for a group of different steels that resist atmospheric corrosion better than any other steels. Because this steel fairs excellently against weather damage, it’s also used to build bridges and building facades. These containers are manufactured to be water and windproof. However, they’re not rust proof.

Professional Construction

Steel panels are cut into the correct shape and size and then corrugated. Corrugation reinforces the panels with extra strength. Once this process is completed, the panels are welded onto a reinforced steel beam. After this, the floor and doors are installed, and the shipping container becomes a solid structure. To finish, the container is painted and then primed with special marine-grade paint; this adds one final layer of protection to the container.

Excellent Weight Bearers

Shipping containers are designed to be stored on top of each other on shipping container vessels; sometimes, they are piled on top of one another eight high. In the majority of cases, these containers are filled with producers. This means that an average 20′ container can hold an estimated 60,000 lbs of weight. These capacities vary depending on the size of the shipping container.

Great Lifespan

Even used cargo storage containers for sale can last 10-12 years. Of course, this estimate can vary depending on how much container has been used. Some models can last for 25 years, especially shipping containers that come out of commercial use and are customized and turned into office spaces or external home storage units.