A Brief History of Cargo and Shipping Containers in the United States

As one of the most reputable providers of cargo containers for sale in the USA, we’re proud of the great heritage that the shipping and transportation industry carries.

Many people presume that the shipping container was designed and invented by the Chinese. However, this essential transportation device was created by an American citizen.

In 1956, an American named Malcolm McLean invented and patented the first ever shipping container. McLean was a trucker who owned the fifth largest trucking company in the U.S. at the time. Initially, the cargo was loaded and unloaded in wooden crates. However, after witnessing this painstaking process for over 20 years, McLean decided to develop a more efficient way of loading cargo for trucks, ships, and warehouses.

Several experiments led to McLean’s final design, a design we celebrate and use globally today as the Shipping Container. Back in 1956, McLean ultimately managed to reduce the cost of loading freight by over 90 percent, making the trade costs of products also go down in price significantly.

Just as Malcolm McLean changed the world with the invention of the shipping container, we continue his legacy by providing affordable solutions for shipping and rental containers across the USA.

A Multitude of Shipping Services

Here at LGI Transport, LLC, we offer a range of 20-40ft weatherproof dry storage containers that are built with corrosion resistant steel.

We offer exclusive pickups and drop-offs on all of our containers and are happy to remove any old containers and other merchandise. Our prices are both affordable and competitive, and we can modify your containers with bespoke roll-up doors if this is required.

All of our containers with windows have panels that are made up of shatterproof materials, and at your request we can install panic hardware to your cargo container. With a host of cargo storage containers for sale, we can customize any ideas that our customers have in mind to meet their needs.

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