5 Practical Ways Any Business Can Use Storage Containers

Storage Containers: Not Just for Shipping Goods!

At LGI Transport, LLC, we offer competitive rates on shipping and storage containers for sale in NJ. Our loyal customer base is faced with a myriad of options when it comes to the shapes, sizes, and modifications that we offer to buy or rent when it comes to storage containers. However, there is more to shipping containers than transporting goods from A to B.

Office Space:

Storage containers can be modified to include roll-up doors and window spaces. Due to their shape and size, they are often used as a practical office space on-site at various locations close to jobs for construction projects. The beauty of this is the fact that they can easily be transported to the next job without the hassle of renting a new office space or the costs implied by building new office space.

Temporary Accommodations:

Because of the price of some of today’s hotels and even Airbnb prices, some businesses will allocate converted shipping containers as temporary or sometimes permanent accommodations for employees. Because containers can be modified to include windows, insulation, solar power, and even running water, they are a perfectly practical solution to accommodation needs.


It’s becoming more commonplace for businesses to use storage containers as workshop spaces off-site from their brick and mortar business locations. Storage containers are also a practical answer to a distinct lack of space in some working environments.  

Additional Toilets:

For events related to businesses and construction firms, the need for on-site bathroom facilities can be easily solved with the addition of converted storage container bathroom spaces. This offers sheltered alternatives to porta-potties, and the new bathroom spaces can be easily installed and removed from almost any space.

Safehouses for Valuables/Collectables:

Storage containers can be used to keep valuables or collections safe and secure. The beauty of this is that they are often overlooked by potential thieves who would presume that valuables would be kept on the office or the home.

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