3 Unusual Things Found in Shipping Containers

As the leading provider of metal storage containers for sale across the USA, we make sure that our containers arrive at their destinations free of unusual items. However, that can’t be said for all shipping container companies, as there have been all kinds of strange things found hidden in containers across the globe.

Below, you’ll read about four of our favorite unusual finds ever reported in shipping containers.

An Authentic James Bond Car

One of the most famous items ever to be found in a shipping container was an authentic James Bond car. This Lotus Espirit was used in the movie, “The Spy Who Loved Me.” A contractor from Long Island bought a container for $100 in 1989 and found the car without its wheels beneath a pile of blankets.

The car was authenticated at a later date by the Ian Fleming Foundation, and Elon Musk purchased it for $1 million in 2013. Sources say that this vehicle cannot be driven on land but is fully functional as a submarine vessel.

A Harley Davidson Motorcycle

During the devastating tsunami that hit Japan in 2011, hundreds of cargo and shipping containers were lost at sea. However, one turned up on a British Columbia beach in 2012 and was found ripped wide open. Inside the container were golf clubs, camping equipment, and a damaged Harley Davidson. The license plate showed that the motorcycle had originated in Japan.


In 2011, a container arrived in Italy and revealed an amount of radiation strong enough to prompt an inquiry. When the authorities came and opened the container, they found a tiny piece of copper, which was non-radioactive. The source of the radiation still remains a mystery even to this very day.

Shipping containers are durable and able to withstand adverse weather conditions, including long journeys across the sea. If you need a container for storage, transport, or to build a new home, don’t hesitate to contact us. To request a quote on our various steel shipping containers for sale, please visit our contact page.